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Amka and the Three Golden Rules



Adventure, Family

In this wonderful family adventure, Amka is a young boy living in a Mongolian town with his older brother and his little sister. His older brother blames himself for the tragic accident that claimed the lives of both of his parents and spends his days in a drunken stupor. Amka finds himself the sole supporter of the family by collecting cans in the street and doing errands for other people. His singular focus on his family duty is interrupted when one day he finds a gold coin while pulling weeds.

Flush with cash, he begins spending it on himself. He buys hip new clothes that catch the eye of the other young boys who finally invite him to play soccer. These new friends also introduce him to the world of pay-by-the-hour computer gaming. Soon, Amka runs through his new fortune, all the while ignoring his household duties.

With his money gone, Amka borrows from his new friends. Realizing that he can’t repay the debt and that he has let his brother and sister down, Amka retreats to the countryside to visit his grandfather. But his grandfather is away and he meets his uncle. Reverent of Mongolian traditions of old, Amka’s uncle acts as a guiding parent when no one else does. He teaches Amka the three golden rules of life.

Upon his return home, Amka puts those rules into practice. In this uplifting and compelling story, a boy takes a small step toward becoming a man.
Babar Ahmed

Ganzorig Temlan
Hereltogoo Chuluunbaatar
Enhtushin Ganbold
Batmunkh Hulangooo
Dashnyam Marulgua
Babar Ahmed

David Shoshan
Babar Ahmed

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