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The Penny Dreadful Picture Show




In an old rundown movie theater a supernatural sweetie, Penny Dreadful, settles in to watch a trio of short films with her horror movie cohorts, the zombie love-sick Ned and her furry friend Wolfboy. The twisted little doll Penny has gotten it into her head that she needs the kiss of true love to become a real girl. Oh dear!

And so begins the search for true love’s kiss. Don’t mind the bodies. Penny has set up three blind dates to find herself the love of her life each of whom must first endure a frightening, gore-filled fright film.

“Slash-in-the-Box,” a terrifying tale of a young couple who find themselves stalked by a lethal “jack-in-the-box”

“The Scout,” where a boy scout camping trip turns into a monstrous nightmare

“Slaughter House,” in which a group of travelers meet a bizarre backwoods family after their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere

Welcome to the undead movie party!

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